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Our Company Green Policy

Who are we? Wills Tree Services are a professional tree surgery company based in North Devon, we work throughout the counties of Devon, Cornwall & Somerset. We specialize in all aspects of tree work, this includes crown thinning, branch removal, reshaping & all types of tree maintenance; however we do often have to take trees down.

<Why do we have to cut trees down? Taking trees down is a last resort for us, but in some cases trees become decayed & unstable with maturity, some trees have been planted without considering the size they become & the space they require, possibly causing structural damage to buildings, sometimes we have to remove them to make room for construction or development. Whatever the reason trees have to be taken down we are conscious of the fact that trees are a vital asset to us, our landscape & our environment.

What is our company green policy? Using the resources around us, such as making our own leaf mulch, we intend to sow & grow as many native trees as possible, we currently have over 2000 seeds & nuts of Oak, Horse Chestnut, Beech, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Sycamore, Ash & Pines already sown, we are also on the lookout for small saplings that have grown in inappropriate places where they will be driven over, cut with hedge or grass cutting equipment & so on, we can then transplant these into pots to be replanted somewhere they can grow & flourish without restrictions.

It is our ambition to sow & plant 1000 trees every year! This includes properties where we have taken trees down, we will when possible, replant that area with another tree, we will supply trees to whomever wants a tree to plant, this will include domestic properties, communal projects, schools & parks, whatever the purpose, trees from us (subject to availability) are supplied free of charge.

How can you help us? If you have trees that produce nuts, berries or seeds, collect them for us, ideally very soon after they have fallen from the tree.

  • Donate; if you have surplus 9cm x 9cm square pots or 2.5, 3 & 4 litre rose pots (these are much deeper than common plant pots) we would be grateful of them, we also use many bags of good quality compost to mix with our leaf mulch should you have a bag surplus.
  • Gift us; if you would like to send us a gift please ask for our supplier order list, items on this list range from small items like 5" plant marker sticks to larger items such as tree stakes, tree guards and large tree planting buckets. You can decide how much you want to send & anything here would be hugely appreciated, these gifts enable us to supply or plant trees free of charge.
  • Support us; you can follow our progress & keep updated on our company green policy by social media, like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter share our posts to your friends so they can tell theirs.

Most importantly; If you have sufficient room for a new tree, please ask us for one, they all need a place to grow and hopefully be part of our landscape for many generations, together we will keep our countryside green! 

Stump Grinding Service

Tree stumps are not only an eyesore they can be a hazard & take up valuable space.

They are sometimes left in the ground after tree felling, this can lead to nuisance new shoots that grow from the stump & roots, dead tree stumps can develop root diseases & spread fungus's so it always best when possible to remove tree stumps.

Our compact stump grinder can easily reach stumps not accessible by other machines enabling us to remove the stumps & leave an area that can be replanted.

Wills Tree Services provide professional, qualified & insured tree stump grinding & removal service for both old dead & newly cut tree stumps across North Devon & North Cornwall. Call us today for a free quotation.

Stump Before  Stump After

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Hardwood Logs

Hardwood Logs

We supply good quality hardwood logs by either a dumpy bag for £60 per bag (approximately 1 cubic meter) or £150 per truck load (approximately 3 cubic meter).

Softwood Logs

 If you are looking for a cheaper heat source we also supply softwood loads, these are available at £40 per bag (approximately 1 cubic meter) or £100 per truck load (approximately 3 cubic meter)

Our timber is a bi product of our tree surgery therefore sustainable, it is stored outside to naturally season thus having no environmental impact. It is advisable to order between the months of May to September to ensure minimum moisture content & allowing the logs to properly season in your wood shed before use.

Call us today to arrange delivery.

07779 037857

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